The success of an Internet site commonly depends on its content and on how and where you advertise it. Distinctive content and a proper marketing campaign will usually result in a lot more website visitors, however there are other factors which can really make a difference as well. Some examples are: how easy it is to browse through the Internet site, whether you focus on different groups with the same content, what position you have in search engines, and many others. We have added several tools to our Hepsia Control Panel which can help you make your sites well known among visitors with minimum efforts. The tools are really easy to use and come with a very simple interface, so you can take advantage of them even if you have no prior experience and you're making your very first site.

Marketing Tools in Website Hosting

As all tools are part of the Hepsia Control Panel, you will be able to use them with each of the website hosting packages that we offer. The sitemap generator, for example, will enable you to create a detailed sitemap of your Internet site and select the number of links that should be included and what content needs to be indexed. Having a sitemap is rather important not only for your site visitors, but also for search engines like google since they can index your articles and other content better, thus the website is more likely to achieve greater rankings. The user experience is also quite important and with the help of our GeoIP feature you could redirect visitors to various pages depending on the part of the world they are from. This will surely make your website popular in these regions. You may also submit news and updates from your website using the RSS feed tool, so your site visitors will be up-to-date with offerings, campaigns, or anything else.